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All About You: You are that elite front-end developer who intrinsicly understands good design and UI practices, who writes badass code and who can meet start-up deadlines. You are a SASS, HTML5, JQuery pro who keeps up on the latest things we should be using that we’re not even aware of yet. You have some exposure or interest in the Django templating language and you love working with a group of young, excited start-up-ers.

About Us: Pop-Up Pantry is a burgeoning start up based in Los Angeles, CA specializing in gourmet delivery. Blast-chilled three-course dinners delivered to your door at a reasonable cost. If you love food, or at least photos of food, you’ll fit right in! Late nights coding == take home perks.

Nitty gritty: The position is contract with the opportunity to grow to full-time and begins immediately. We’re okay with flexible hours and working from the general Los Angeles Area as long as you’re a great communicator and developer. You’re also welcome to come work (and eat great food) with the entire team at our Hollywood loft.

Interested? Send jobs (at) popuppantry (dot) com your portfolio and a little about you.


Seriously, I just laughed hysterically at this article on Flowing Data based on a color survey conducted by xkcd where they asked men and women to identify and label a wide variety of colors.

Color descriptions women used disproportionately:

  1. Dusty Teal
  2. Blush Pink
  3. Dusty Lavender
  4. Butter Yellow
  5. Dusky Rose

Color descriptions men used disproportionately:

  1. Penis
  2. Gay
  3. WTF
  4. Dunno
  5. Baige

The full post at xkcd has some hilarious commentary….And I wonder why I’ve had to help redo entire wardrobes of male friends and boyfriends through the years…