All About You: You are that elite front-end developer who intrinsicly understands good design and UI practices, who writes badass code and who can meet start-up deadlines. You are a SASS, HTML5, JQuery pro who keeps up on the latest things we should be using that we’re not even aware of yet. You have some exposure or interest in the Django templating language and you love working with a group of young, excited start-up-ers.

About Us: Pop-Up Pantry is a burgeoning start up based in Los Angeles, CA specializing in gourmet delivery. Blast-chilled three-course dinners delivered to your door at a reasonable cost. If you love food, or at least photos of food, you’ll fit right in! Late nights coding == take home perks.

Nitty gritty: The position is contract with the opportunity to grow to full-time and begins immediately. We’re okay with flexible hours and working from the general Los Angeles Area as long as you’re a great communicator and developer. You’re also welcome to come work (and eat great food) with the entire team at our Hollywood loft.

Interested? Send jobs (at) popuppantry (dot) com your portfolio and a little about you.


Pop-Up Pantry is looking for two talented contractors to join our team. Experience a great start-up opportunity in a foodie culture company with competitive pay, perks and fun coworkers.

Systems Expert

We need a systems guru to help set up:

  • staging environement
  • load balancer setup
  • monitoring and alerting
  • deployment infrastructure
  • server and object caching
  • high traffic scaling and redundancy
  • profiling and optimization

Our current stack uses django, with uwsgi and nginx in the AWS cloud. This position would be contract, with the potential for a long-term contract relationship as part of ongoing maintenance, testing, integration and optimization. Must have at least 3 years experience and references. Send your resume and an intro to: jobs (at) popuppantry.com.

Web Designer / Front-End Developer

We need a front-end guru with knowledge of:

  • django templating and template tags
  • SASS / CSS integration
  • Javascript Development

This position will start as a part-time contract but could easily move to a full-time or long-term contract position. Must have at least 3 years experience and references. Send your resume and an intro to: jobs (at) popuppantry.com.

Super hacky but it works. See also: p.cmdline or p.exe if you have a different type of process you’re looking for (i.e. my script uses several params so I’m actually parsing p.cmdline because p.name is merely ‘python’)
   import psutil

   for p in psutil.process_iter():
       if 'foo' in p.name:
           f = open('/var/run/foo.pid','wb')

Having a nerd night monitoring processes on a newly launched celery codebase, watching the IT crowd and setting up vnc on my home network. ♥


So I know the PyLadies are a hard group to keep track of, with all the hackathons, hacknights, workshops and pylady nights, these women are hard to track down!

So I started a search to hunt the PyLadies… here’s the trail of clues:

  • First, I hopped into the #pyladies IRC channel on freenode. I noticed @sandymahalo was there and I said hi! First, pylady spotted!
  • Then, I pinged @PyLadies on twitter. Within minutes, @audreyr responded. Another pylady spotting!
  • Audrey told me about upcoming Pylady hacknights, which happen every other Monday in locales around the world, loosely organized via IRC #pyladies channel. I heard the PyLadies in Los Angeles were having regular in person meetings and since I live on the west side, I pinged @webdevgirl (xtine on IRC) about where she was organizing the West LA hacknight this coming Monday, July 25. She got right back to me and I met up with her and hacknighted it up!
  • After the hacknight was so successful, I thought I *must* see the photos. @backcode (Sophia) told me all about the PyLadies flickr page! Tagged!
  • I knew there must be more PyLadies lurking around, so I found out that @estherbester and @tiny_mouse (Jess) were organizing events at this year’s Djangocon via the PyLadies website mailing list. Email input — > updates received!
  • @kjam tracked down all of my hunting, so she bugged me to join the PyLadies Volunteer List so I could help out with the daily operations of PyLadies and all the fun events they put together.
  • I decided I liked this whole PyLadies thing, so after hunting them all down, I liked them on Facebook. Commence internet warm fuzzies.

Keep up with us in all of these many ways, or help create more. :)

♥, kjam


Puts parent dir on python path. Useful for me at times… :)



Great success!

(If you need to use the beauty of celerymonitor from a non-web browser. Feel free to use
this script, and then a simple: from celery.events.state import state will give you lots of goodies.

For more info, see: http://github.com/ask/celerymon/blob/master/celerymonitor/handlers/api.py
and: http://ask.github.com/celery/reference/celery.events.state.html

Celery is awesome.


(or How to gain confidence and ability, friends and mentors, and help others along the way)

  1. Everyone was a n00b.

  2. Conversation is a part of coding.

  3. You are awesome.

Xoxo, kjam